State Championship

The 2024 State of Nevada Mathematics Championship has concluded. Awards for this event will be presented at our annual End of Year Awards Banquet on May 18, 2024.

The State Championship is an annual competition for students in grades 1-12 who reside in the state of Nevada, regardless of school they attend or if they are homeschooled. Started in 2016, this event continues to grow!

MathRocks! rounds are written in-house. This allows us the flexibility of running them in-person for area students with an online option for students who meet one of the required criteria.  All participants will participate at the same time, whether in-person or online unless a special accommodation has been granted (this accommodation will be the exception and not easily obtained).

REGISTRATION for the 2024 State of Nevada Mathematics Championship has CLOSED.

Tentative date for the 2025 State of Nevada Mathematics Championship is April 26, 2025.

Thank you to our MathRocks! sponsor:

Contest Structure:

Each in-person contest level will have 5 rounds; online participate in 4 rounds

  • No calculators allowed.
  • Rounds descriptions:
    • Number Sense – 80 questions, 10 minutes – This is a mental math round.  Computational and conversion problems should be expected. No scratch paper allowed. Students are NOT expected to answer all problems.
    • Sprint – 20 questions, 30 minutes – Word problems.
    • Focus – 5 problems, 15 minutes – Word problems that require more work than Sprint problems.
    • Explain – 1 problem, 10 minutes (this is an experimental round and may change or be removed) – Students are required to explain their thinking.  Students are not required to think in a specific way, but their explanation must be logical and complete to receive full points. 
    • Team – in-person participants ONLY – 10 questions, 20 minutes (teams are composed of 3 to 4 students) – Word problems that teammates may work on together or independently as the team prefers.  One answer sheet per team is submitted.
    • All rounds are free response (meaning no multiple choice).

The annual State Championship is written for grades 1-12.  Kindergartners are welcome to participate with grade 1 (please consider their ability to read when having them participate).

  • Level 1 – grades 1 & 2
  • Level 2 – grades 3 – 5
  • Level 3 – grades 6 – 8
  • Level 4 – high school


  • Any eligible student who will be physically in the Reno/Sparks, Nevada area the day of the contest, regardless of where they reside in the state of Nevada regularly; AND,
  • Did not miss school on Friday before the contest due to illness (students who were out ill may participate online IF parents notify NNVMath on Friday before 1pm).
  • Are not displaying symptoms of illness – testing positive for covid is NOT the bar! If you are fighting a cold, flu, etc., you need to participate online. Students who look sick or display symptoms and not 100% confident is a allergy related will be sent home.
  • Student is not in quarantine at the time of the contest.

NOTE: Set up for online students will take place 2 weeks prior to contest date. If you do not receive an email with online instructions by April 20th, please email asap.


  • Any student in grades 1-12 who resides in Nevada but lives more than 2 hour from Reno/Sparks (kindergartners may test up to 1st grade), or
  • Students with medical issues: this includes students going through medical treatments that prevent them from being in public, mobility issues, etc., or
  • Students who miss school the day before a contest due to illness may participate online as they will NOT be allowed to participate in-person, or
  • Students who develop illness symptoms prior to the start of the contest,

NOTE: Verification of the above reason provided will be required.  Our goal is simply to confirm that student participating online qualify to participate online.


Contests rounds start at 10 AM for all participants on Saturday, April 27, 2024, whether in-person or online* and online. Online participants will NOT have an extended testing window.

In-person check in begins at 9:10am; online check in begins at 9:40am.

*Online families with multiple students participating and limited devices should contact to determine possible accommodation.


Our MathRocks! contests are hosted by the College of Engineering at the University of Nevada – Reno (UNR). Check-in takes place in the Davidson Math & Science Center, located in the southeast corner of campus. When you arrive go to the auditorium on the first floor (DMS 101). Check-in begins at 9:20.

PARKING: UNR does not enforce permit or metered parking on weekends. They DO enforce anything that says 24/7, maintenance vehicle spots, emergency lanes, handicapped parking, etc.


Registration for the State Championship is $40 with a discounted registration of $30 before April 1, 2024. Registrations made after April 17th will include a late fee of $10. No registrations will be accepted after April 24th.

For financial assistance to participate in this event, email or


Awards for the 2024 State of Nevada Mathematics Championship will be announced and presented at our annual Year End Awards Dinner on May 18th. Individual trophies and medals are personalized with each winners name.

  • Individuals: Trophies will be given to the top 3 places, by grade
  • Individuals: Medals will be given for places 4-8 places, by grade
  • Team: Medals are given to the members of the top 3 teams per level (see Who section above)

* The number of awards given for any individual grade is limited to the top 8 performers or the top half of the students who participated, whichever is fewer (for example, if 8 kids participate in a grade, up to 4 awards are given). Grades may be combined when there aren’t enough registrations to support separate awards (common with grades 11 & 12). In cases of excessive ties, the number of awards may be reduced.

We put a lot of effort into the Year End Awards Dinner, making it a red-carpet event to emphasize how important math is and encourage them to continue pursuing their math learning. Tickets will go start going on sale by March 1st and typically sellout. Families will be notified if their student is receiving an award, but we will NOT reveal what they are receiving until the event (we find it is much more enjoyable for the kids this way). As much as we would like every kid receiving an award to be present, we appreciate it isn’t always possible and will make arrangements to get awards to those unable to attend after the event.


Registration for all contests are through  If your school is not listed in the school drop down, email with your school name and city/state where it is located.

Registrations made before April 1st are discounted. Registrations after April 17th will include a late fee of $10. No registrations will be accepted after April 24th.


All participants need to complete and submit a waiver prior to participating. Completed waivers can be emailed to with a subject of “waiver” or may be presented at check-in. Only 1 waiver is required for all programs between 6/1/2023 and 5/31/2024.