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MathRocks! Contest Series

Just the Facts:

MathRocks! is our signature contest series program in its 9th year. This series is for students in grades 1-12, regardless of school they attend or if they are homeschooled.

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Schools and other programs wanting to run MathRocks! at their location should contact for more information.

What is MathRocks?

MathRocks! is our signature contest series program in its 9th year. This series is for students in grades 1-12, regardless of school they attend or if they are homeschooled.

MathRocks! rounds are written in-house. This allows us the flexibility of running them in-person for area students with an online option for students who meet one of the required criteria.  All participants will participate at the same time, whether in-person or online unless a special accommodation has been granted (this accommodation will be the exception and not easily obtained).

Who is MathRocks! For?

MathRocks! is written for grades 1-12.  Kindergartners are welcome to participate with grade 1 (please consider their ability to read when having them participate)

Level 1: Grades 1 – 2
Level 2: Grades 3 – 5
Level 3: Grades 6 – 8
Level 4: Highschool


  • Any eligible student who will be physically in the Reno/Sparks, Nevada area the day of the contest, regardless of state or country they normally reside; AND,
  • Did not miss school on Friday before the contest due to illness (students who were out ill may participate online IF parents notify NNVMath on Friday before 1pm).
  • Are not displaying symptoms of illness – testing positive for covid is NOT the bar! If you are fighting a cold, flu, etc., you need to participate online. Students who look sick or display symptoms and not 100% confident is a allergy related will be sent home.
  • Student is not in quarantine at the time of the contest.

NOTE: students who are registered for the Series and regularly participate online may participate
in-person by providing at least 1-week notice.


  • Any student in grades 1-12 who resides in Nevada but lives more than 1 hour from Reno/Sparks (kindergartners may test up to 1st grade), or
  • Any students who resides in a rural area in the US and does NOT have access to math contests within a reasonable traveling distance otherwise, or
  • Students with medical issues: this includes students going through medical treatments that prevent them from being in public, mobility issues, etc., or
  • Students who miss school the day before a contest due to illness may participate online as they will NOT be allowed to participate in-person, or
  • Students who develop illness symptoms prior to the start of the contest, or
  • Students regularly in-person but who are in quarantine for the date of the contest, or
  • Students/families needing a special consideration or accommodation. 

NOTE: Verification of the above reason provided will be required.  Our goal is simply to confirm that student participating online qualify to participate online.

When is MathRocks?

Check-in: 9:20 am
Contests run: 10am – 2:00pm

September 16th, 2023
October 21, 2023
November 18, 2023

January 20, 2024
February 17, 2024
March 16, 2024

Noetic Learning Math Contest

The Noetic Learning Math Contest (NLMC) is one of the largest math contests in the US for elementary and middle school students. Every year, more than 30,000 students participate in the contest to compete against each other.

During the contest, students have 45 minutes (50 minutes online) to solve 20 creative problems independently without a calculator.