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We are in need of sponsors for our many programs.

Our MISSION is to make math fun and joyful with a VISION to forge children into talented, problem-solving, and innovative professionals:

We are the only organization in Nevada offering multiple math competitions for students in grades 1-12, math camps, and Family Math Nights. We strive to give kids a problem or present an idea that inspires them to delve deeper. Kids are just like adults – they will invest their time learning something that they believe will benefit them and their goals. Until they see the connection, math is just a class. Math is so much more!

U.S. Department of Commerce reports the great benefits of STEM jobs:
  • STEM jobs are expected to grow = there will be more jobs available in STEM fields when your child graduates from high school or college
  • STEM workers earn more money (26% higher) = STEM jobs pay better than other jobs regardless of your child’s educational level
  • STEM major college graduates receive higher earnings = graduating with a degree in any STEM occupation will result in earning more money
  • Workers in STEM experience lower unemployment rates = children developing the skills needed to work in any of the many STEM fields, will be more likely to keep a job

Our programming is not possible without community support. To sponsor, please contact our Executive Director, Sherry Griffin,, 775-384-1032, (office), or 773-505-0994 (cell – note area code is 77three not 77five).

Our goal is to create a win-win-win relationship with our sponsors.

  • $10,000 – Sponsor of all events and programs
  • $5000 – 2024 Nevada Math Scholarship Sponsor
  • $2000 – Family Math Nights Program Sponsor
  • $2000 – Awards Dinner Diamond Sponsor
  • $2000 – Summer Camps Sponsor
  • $1500 – MathRocks! Series Sponsor
  • $1500 – Awards Dinner Platinum Sponsor
  • $1250 – Community Events Sponsor
  • $1000 – Competition Team Sponsor
  • $1000 – Dodgeball Red Ball Sponsor
  • $1000 – Volunteer Sponsor
  • $1000 – State Championship Sponsor
  • $700 – Weekly Camp Sponsor
  • $500 – Potluck Picnic Sponsor (8/5/23)
  • $500 – Holiday Party Sponsor (12/16/23)
  • $500 – Dodge Sponsor
  • $500 – Einstein’s Birthday Party Sponsor (3/14/24)
  • $500 – Awards Dinner Gold Sponsor
  • $300 – MathRocks! Contest Sponsor
  • $250 – Awards Dinner Silver Sponsor
  • $200 – Family Math Night Activity Sponsor