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Donations and pledges made after 12/22/23 and before 1/1/2023 will be triple matched! Yes, you donate $1 and another donor will give us $3!

  • Donate $100 during this time and we receive $400
  • Donate $200 during this time and we receive $800
  • Donate $500 during this time and we receive $2000

The matching donor is maxing their donation at $30,000. That means we need to raise $10k in donations in 8 days! Help us receive the full amount by donating today! Donations can either be made online or pledged using the buttons below. Pledges may be mailed or paid online but must be received by 3/31/2024. Commitment needs to be made during this period to count. No prior donations can be counted towards this match.

Please complete this form to make a financial pledge to Nevada Math. NOTE: Pledges are considered a commitment of a donation. Failing to follow through on a pledge has very negative consequences for Nevada Math as an organization. We ask that you not make a pledge unless you are certain you will fulfill it.

Northern Nevada Math Club started in the winter of 2012 as a group of kids being organized to participate in the American Regions Mathematics League (ARML) annual competition. In May 2014, the paperwork was completed to create Northern Nevada Math Club Inc as a Nevada entity and our application for recognition as a non-profit by the IRS followed soon after. We have grown and developed over the last 10 years and now do so much more. This past summer we filed DBA paperwork to allow us to publicly use Nevada Math.

Our MISSION is to is to make math fun and joyful with a VISION to forge children into talented, problem-solving, and innovative professionals.

We are the only organization in Nevada offering multiple math competitions for students in grades 1-12, math camps, and Family Math Nights. We strive to give kids a problem or present an idea that inspires them to delve deeper. Kids are just like adults – they will invest their time learning something that they believe will benefit them and their goals. Until they see the connection, math is just a class. Math is so much more!

U.S. Department of Commerce reports the great benefits of STEM jobs:

  • STEM jobs are expected to grow = there will be more jobs available in STEM fields when your child graduates from high school or college
  • STEM workers earn more money (26% higher) = STEM jobs pay better than other jobs regardless of your child’s educational level
  • STEM major college graduates receive higher earnings = graduating with a degree in any STEM occupation will result in earning more money
  • Workers in STEM experience lower unemployment rates = children developing the skills needed to work in any of the many STEM fields, will be more likely to keep a job

Our programming is not possible without community support. If you would like to schedule a time to discuss how your donation can help, please contact our Executive Director, Sherry Griffin,, 775-384-1032, (office), or 773-505-0994 (cell – note area code is 77three not 77five).

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