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Nevada Math is a nonprofit located in Sparks, Nevada. We define math as the creative application of logic to solve complex problems and encourage them to embrace the struggle that comes with working on highly challenging problems. We are the go-to organization when you want to provide your child with enriching math opportunities, including math competitions, camps, and other programs. We teach them fundamental logic, problem-solving, and teamwork skills that will only become more necessary as our future workforce becomes more and more technical in nature. We are thrilled to make Family Math Nights a reality and expose more kids to how huge and interesting the world of math really is.


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Nevada Math
2105 Capurro Way, Suite 205
Sparks, NV 89431


Contests: Liv@NNVMath.org
Classes: Lizzie@NNVMath.org

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Nevada Math
PO Box 51022
Sparks, NV 89435

Family Math Nights: Sabrina@NNVMath.org
Everything else: Sherry@NNVMath.org

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